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Oh What to Wear...

You look at your busy calendar and suddenly you notice. Your photo session is TOMORROW and you have nothing to wear! Or so you think.

For some families the hardest part of taking photos as a family is attire. But fear no more! I am here to help! I've created a Pinterest board with all things awesome to wear year round. You can find it here:

Even with a Pinterest board of what to wear you may still feel stuck. There's so many awesome combinations out there! So every once in a while I'll post something inspirational for the season.

This season, well, it's Summer and it's super HOT outside here in Texas. We want to keep cool as well as look fashionable. For types of clothing in this weather I suggest:

• Short Sleeves or Cap Sleeves

• Sleeveless Dresses • Spagetti Straps

For colors in general you'll want to keep things light and bright like, yellows, creams, and pastels. But don't rule out all darks. Location can have a play in what you wear!

Like in the photo above this family's theme is yellow, white and blue. They kept cool by wearing short sleeves and sleeveless dresses but still had a wide range of tones ranging from light to dark. They didn't all want to blend because their family was large. So don't be afraid of some dark clothing even in summer.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest board: or send me a message at

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